QPQ investments are the investment arm of QPQ Financials.  It is a money management service based on our core ‘Quid Pro Quo’ principle, that we view our clients as partners engaged in a long-term business relationship that we both should benefit from.

We insist on integrity, honesty, and transparency throughout our client relationships.  Too often is the case where money managers receive rewards for failure or non-performance.  Therefore, features like our highwater-mark performance fees ensure that we are only rewarded for our clients’ success.

The high levels of performance we target attract private high net worth individuals, institutional and corporate investors, family offices and public organisations.  Our clients are reassured by our performance targets that their investment objectives are always aligned with our very own business objectives.

Our algorithmic investment and trading strategies combine sophisticated scientific and technological developments with our professional experience, thus forming the perfect synergy.  Our quantitative algorithmic approach identifies meaningful patterns and relationships in the vast array of global markets, whilst our qualitative approach understands precisely the fundamental themes that cause the data that we can convert it into highly profitable returns for our clients.

Our managed service can provide access to all the major global asset classes including equities, fixed income, commodities and foreign exchange.

Our targeted high-quality performance is the result of over 10 years of research and development into algorithmic trading and over 20 years of experience within the financial markets.


The money management service is conducted via our UK partner Pelican Asset Manager, an appointed representative of London & Eastern LLP, a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated entity, with reference 534484.  The trades are executed through Intertrader, a market-neutral broker regulated by the Financial Services Commission in Gibraltar and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, reference 597312.  Therefore when our clients’ transactions are executed through our broker there is zero conflict of interest.  Contact us for more information on market-neutral broking
Our partners share our principles of integrity, honesty, and transparency at all times throughout the investment process, so clients can be confident that through each step of the process we totally align our business interests with their own.

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QPQ Financials endeavour to research and develop algorithmic trading strategies using advanced technologies, machine learning, data science and quantitative mathematics.

We aim to produce high performing systems that essentially seek to provide ‘alpha’ for our ever-growing client base.  Our ‘Quid Pro Quo’ principle enables us to grow and advance our development through sharing our knowledge and collaborating with like-minded professional organisations, groups or individuals that share our goals values and commitment to advancing investment beyond the traditional boundaries.

Therefore we welcome innovative designs, codes, and strategies; and work to assist or create partnerships to refine and develop algorithms into useful systems that can be deployed as reliable investment tools.

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QPQ Financials keeps abreast with the fast-paced developments and changes within the financial market industry and the global economy, and we wish to keep our clients and the wider investment community informed on pertinent topics that could affect their personal financial aspirations and objectives; such as changes in legislation like Mifid II or the development of newer asset classes like crypto-currencies and the opportunities or challenges that these changes may pose.

Additionally, we discuss informative aspects applicable to industry participants and even offer consultation on marketing trading and investment strategies.  We also offer direction and advise on tools and systems that can assist with facilitating successful trading and investing provided by some of our partners.

We also aim to keep our clients and the wider investment community educated and informed on seminars or discussions that QPQ Financials, our partners, or relevant organisations hold to assist in helping all achieve their investment objectives.

Click here for details regarding the Mediterranean Invest Summit Vol.1 on 30th November 2017, organised by our partners Pelican Asset Manager.

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Get access to 100% market-neutral broking for clients that trade with CFD or spreadbet instruments.  This means that when traders speculate on market movements they will always obtain the live dealing quote reflected in the underlying asset and the broker will never assume the market risk of the position.

With market-neutral broking, the broker simultaneously places the same trade in the live underlying market thus offsetting the position and therefore has no interest whether the client profits or loses.  Therefore there is no conflict of interest when trading with a market-neutral broker.  Although, the large majority of brokers do not provide traders or investors with market-neutral trading.

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Get access to cutting-edge technology with new and exciting ways to invest or trade.  A wealth of trading ideas and strategies can be accessed via our partner Pelican’s trading app that can be downloaded on smartphones or tablets.

The app will allow traders to follow and copy mentors that offer their trading strategies to the global trading community.  This forum will allow you to discuss ideas and comment on techniques, methods, algorithms, and systems whilst allowing you to experience the benefits that can be had through joining a community of like-minded traders and investors.

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